Canvas prints give your photos a natural look

Using personalised canvas prints to decorate your walls at home offers many advantages which few printing fabrics and materials can beat. From the times of Renaissance painters until our days, canvas has survived for its great durability and sturdiness. Only such a highly resistant surface can support techniques such as oil painting and digital canvas prints. Besides, canvas art is arguably the best way to present your pictures with a classical and natural look. In Glitterphotocanvas canvas prints, photos are first printed onto a high-quality canvas sheet. In the next phase, the photo canvas is manually stretched over a wooden frame, folded down over the sides, stapled on the edges. Thus, at least 2,5cm of the canvas won't be seen. A mounting and a hanging kit are then added at the back, making it fast and easier to put up on the wall. Finally, your artwork will be carefully packed so that you receive in the best conditions. Furthermore, canvas art prints are UV-resistant, preserving the brilliance of your best images.