Who is Glitterphotocanvas ?

True love is timeless; it’s eternal. Our photo canvas prints don’t last that long, but they come pretty close.

Glitter Photo Canvas is the product of our passion to produce something truly unique, lasting, and wonderful that would capture the precious memories of our customers and present them in a fantastic way.

Our Story

It all started in 2017. We were creating personalised gifts for our customers through our family business, Gifts4allshop, Ireland’s fastest growing online gifts shop. The business was good. But, our customers kept asking us, “Hey, show us some new and creative ideas for gifting that would leave a lasting impressing and memory about us.” Well, creating a good impression, the ‘WOW’ effect is quite easy, you see. But, finding a permanent place in someone’s thoughts and most cherished memories? Now, that’s an entire ballgame altogether. After much deliberation and experimentation, we came up with the idea of the diamond dust photo canvas. 

And, it was a big overnight hit!

Since we went online, we have been receiving orders for glitter photo canvases from all over the country. Every order we receive brings us the same joy and delight as if it’s the first order. We love doing this.

How We Do It?

Creating a glitter photo canvas involves three steps:

Step 1: We print the photo canvas using the supplied pictures. 

We can use everything from HD quality photos to decent quality pictures for printing your memories onto the canvas.

Step 2: We apply diamond dust glitter with clear lacquer onto the printed canvas. 

The diamond dust is made of small, colourful, reflective particles of a variety of shapes. Each of these particles reflects light at a different angle, and together they produce a dazzling sparkle. The lacquer protects the diamond dust from wearing out or losing its strength over time.

Step 3: Once the diamond dust and lacquer on the canvas dries out, we hand stretch the canvas onto a 2-inch thick wooden frame. 

That’s it. You now have a glittering photo canvas of a cherished memory that’ll last a lifetime.