3 Awesome Ideas to Use Glitter Photo Canvas to Create Your Fantasy Bedroom

We all love themed bedroom décor. Who wouldn’t? It’s like creating a world we love right in our very own bedroom. We can live it right from the moment we open our eyes. Everyone has their own favourites – our own highly cherished décor ideas. Don’t we?
Perhaps you would like a finger print art décor for your bedroom; your spouse wants a Marvel superhero style décor; maybe, your kids love the Disney princess décor. 

And everyone can get what they like, exactly how they like it.

Whatever they desire to see on their bedroom walls, it can all be turned into reality with glitter photo canvas art. We can create the most amazing and bling photo canvas prints that will breathe life into your room décor dreams. The trick is to nail the pictures that will be used for creating the diamond dust canvas. It is these pictures that’ll create the right vibe for your dream décor. As for the rest, leave it to us.
Are you ready to be inspired? Here are some great ideas to help you find the right pictures for creating your fantasy bedroom look.

 1. Colour and Background Designs

When creating a fantasy bedroom design, most people focus too much on the main character of the fantasy. For instance, if you are creating the little mermaid, Ariel-style bedroom décor, just one picture of Ariel on the wall won’t do. 
There are plenty of other things that should be taken care of – the texture of the rocks, the blue of the ocean, the mystical shells, her wonderful friends, and many other details have to be just right. You can achieve this with a large glitter canvas that depicts the calm and serene beauty of the ocean depths. Likewise, you can use glitter canvases for drawing characters like King Triton, Queen Athena, the daughter Melody, and more.
An entire set of glitter canvases brings out the colours, the feel, the design, and the atmosphere of the world of your favourite characters. That’s how you get your dream bedroom décor. It should make you feel like you have stepped into another magical world.

 2. Words of Wisdom

We all love, adore, and even emulate our most loved characters. Whether they are on TV, in the movies, or a part of fairy tales, our beloved characters have plenty of words of wisdom to share. And it is usually this wisdom that makes a die-hard fan out of us. It could be something they said or even something that you learned from their actions. You can immortalise their wisdom with a diamond dust canvas. Every time you read it, it will inspire you and keep you going.
For instance, we love animals. So something like, “A house is not a home without a resident canine friend” or “Happiness is my cat sitting on my laptop when I’m trying to work on it” would be awesome to have on the walls.
Reading such words on a daily basis on your glitter canvases will reinforce them. It will not only make you feel closer to the character you love so much, but also make you a better person.

3. Inanimate Fantasy Décor

Perhaps your fantasy bedroom décor does not include any characters. Maybe you want it to have a theme of something totally inanimate. How about rainbows or finger print art, or something interesting like that? If that is the case, then you have an excellent opportunity to personalise your bedroom with a theme that you like.
Just imagine. You are daintily sitting on one rainbow, your children are crouching on another, and perhaps, your spouse could be riding on another rainbow. Like this, you can add yourself to the art mixed with any inanimate theme of your choice or even personalise character-based themes. We do a lot of such custom projects, and we can definitely do it for you.
Interested in creating the ultimate fantasy design for your room? It can be your bedroom, living room, man cave, or something else. We know exactly how to make it yours, convert the vision in your head into reality and to turn your humble room into something purely awesome.
Get in touch with us right away and make your dream fantasy décor come true with awesome glitter canvases. Let’s get real!